Many contractors would agree that to lead today means being LEED conscious. The LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification system created by the United States Green Building Council,, Washington, D.C., has shifted the way businesses address going green. It, along with the government’s Energy Star program, has brought energy conservation and “green” building methods to the attention of homebuyers and commercial building managers equally.

To take advantage of the benefits in positive publicity in using the LEED criteria in their work, contractors and architects need to have some idea of what those certification rules are. GreenWizard,, Charleston, S.C., a cloud-based product management and information-sharing solution simplifies building material selection, collaboration, and modeling to optimize green building and LEED credits. The company recently announced it offers companies the ability to run assessments for design credits, in addition to traditional product-specific LEED credits.

Companies that use GreenWizard can model multiple LEED credit design assessments for any one project, save them, and compare them to see which one creates the ideal balance between cost, site-specific design, and the clients’ objectives. Once the design has been finalized, the final assessment can be selected and, with capabilities GreenWizard has under development, be submitted through LEED Online.

GreenWizard says it improves efficiency by offering design credit assessments to help enhance both form and function. The new construction LEED credits GreenWizard currently supports include: sustainable sites, water efficiency, materials and resources, and IEQ (indoor environmental quality).

Architects, engineers, contractors, project owners, consultants, and others can use GreenWizard’s WORKflow Pro solution to identify, evaluate, and manage products for a project or its other technologies to help teams achieve a project’s green goals. Firms are able to use GreenWizard’s interactive and dynamic tools to collaborate on product data and documentation, which is supplied and updated directly from manufacturers. For those projects seeking LEED certification, GreenWizard’s shared checklist and proprietary credit assessment tools help teams share information and quickly model and optimize LEED credits.