Keeping track of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) data is essential for general contractors, subcontractors, and owners that are seeking LEED certification from the USGBC (U.S. Green Building Council),, Washington, D.C. This is even more crucial going forward, as the USGBC is set to update LEED requirements for 2012.

Beginning last week, the USGBC opened the third public comment period for the LEED Green Building program, which will close on March 20. The changes have been crafted by market data, stakeholder ideas, and expert engagement. Additional performance-based management features will help measure and manage energy and water usage, site and building material selection, and indoor environmental quality.

Some construction companies are currently using homegrown systems to track LEED data, but there are a number of pre-built systems available for contractors and owners to manage LEED documentation—and even integrate directly with LEED Online.

In order to submit for LEED certification, USGBC offers LEED Online—a Web-based resource where teams can register projects and manage the LEED certification process. With LEED Online, contractors and owners can submit documentation for review, coordinate resources among team members, submit technical inquires, and track progress for LEED certification.

But this isn’t the only system available. At the end of last year, USGBC announced an App Lab, with new applications from third-party providers to support the LEED certification process and integrate with LEED Online.

Some of these applications are designed for analytics and benchmarking or LEED process workflow management, while others are designed for product identification or mobile data collection and reporting. The App Lab is designed to provide project teams with the technology tools needed in order to submit for LEED certification.

The amount of software available to manage LEED certification is growing. What software are you using? Do you have a product available for LEED tracking? We want to hear about it. The upcoming May/June issue of Constructech magazine will highlight how contractors are using technology to construct green buildings. Contact Constructech with ideas.