RTLS (realtime locating systems) is one of the fastest growing technology markets, forecasted by IndustryARC, www.industryarc.com, Telangana, India, to reach $7 billion by 2020, for tracking the location of assets and people, both outdoors and indoors. RTLS is being adopted widely in healthcare and emerging in industries such as construction, retail, and oil and gas. The widespread adoption of RTLS had been limited by the high cost of gaining high location accuracy.

The construction industry is on the frontier of technology expansion. Redpoint Positioning Corp., www.redpointpositioning.com, Cambridge, Mass., has launched a new realtime location system platform that breaks the performance-cost barrier of existing ultra wideband-based products.

Past RTLS solutions that achieved high precision of less than one meter were costly to deploy or required extensive infrastructure. Indoor-location systems based on iBeacon technology are gaining popularity due to their low cost, but offer poor accuracy and tracking performance, according to Redpoint.

Precise tracking and navigation for assets and people indoors and outdoors benefit companies by applying the technology in diverse applications including employee safety, workforce optimization, and asset management, according to Dr. Chunjie Duan, founder and chief technology officer, Redpoint.

Redpoint RTLS unique features include: server-less navigation, with positioning algorithm embedded inside RTLS tag, enabling GPS-like indoor navigation; wireless UWB mesh-network infrastructure, which, unlike traditional UWB RTLS, does not require data cabling between the network nodes for time synchronization, dramatically driving down the cost of the infrastructure and deployment; and patented UWB+BLE mode where the system can locate both UWB and BLE tags and enable unique mobile iBeacon functionality.

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