Some relationships last a year, some just a few months, and others can continue on for almost a decade. This applies to romantic relationships, as well as contractors using construction management software to improve operations. Once the contractor has found the right one, there’s no sense in looking elsewhere.

Textura Corp.,, Deerfield, Ill., says Jaynes Corp.,, Albuquerque, N.M., has successfully used Textura-CPM for eight years and hasn’t looked back. By using Textura-CPM, Jaynes Corp., can streamline and make construction payment management more efficient. After Jaynes Corp. adopted Textura-CPM, the solution has become the standard by which project teams at Jaynes Corp., interact with one another for billing and payments, including how the company communicates with subcontractors.

“When we first saw CPM, it just made sense, and we asked why no one had thought of this before,” says Tracy Utterback, CFO, Jaynes Corp. “Eight years ago we were relying on paper and spending too much time scanning documents. We didn’t have a uniform process in place that all of our project teams would follow, and we needed to provide more accessibility to our clients and subcontractors. Textura allows us to communicate with our subcontractors across hundreds of projects in realtime, and has streamlined our payment process with direct ACH (automated clearing house) deposits. All of our remote offices can collaborate and check the status of projects. Textura has transformed our processes.”

Jaynes Corp., first implemented this software back in 2006. Textura-CPM is a Web-based SaaS (software-as-a-service) which electronically integrates all construction-payment management processes into one seamless workflow, from the point of contracting, to preconstruction, and to project close out. Jaynes Corp., uses CPM to automate lien-waiver collection, electronic payment, document compliance, and reporting.

According to Utterback there have been a number of major enhancements to CPM, and he believes some of Jaynes Corp.’s suggestions have been incorporated into the system.

Since its release, Textura-CPM is used by more than 300 general contractors and 45,000 subcontractors.

“We’ve been able to reach these milestones and have CPM become the industry standard based on partnerships we have developed with our clients,” says Patrick Allin, chairman and CEO, Textura Corp.

When construction-software providers and contractors collaborate, it can prove beneficial. As evidence, Jaynes Corp., has stayed loyal to Textura’s software and continues to be a happy contractor.

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