Cameras are being used in a myriad of ways in construction. Monitoring work progress on the jobsite and flying high over a tract to survey a new project are just a few. Fleet owners, with both truck and heavy equipment, are adopting cameras to survey the operation of the equipment and monitor operator behavior to prevent accidents and provide evidence in case of accidents.

It’s not only construction companies that can be liable for operator error and incidents caused by others. Companies across the commercial transportation industry, from long-haul trucking to field services to passenger transit, are at risk for high-cost incidents on the road, such as sideswiping and back-up collisions.

While some fleets may have camera systems with in-cab monitors to help drivers eliminate blind spots, these systems commonly use local memory-based storage without cloud connectivity or don’t record footage at all. This means fleets miss out on powerful video evidence to exonerate drivers in the moment and provide valuable video-based coaching after the fact. Samsara’s Camera Connector addresses these challenges by bringing side, rear, and interior camera feeds into a single view within the Connected Operations Cloud.

Without the need to rip out and replace existing camera systems, customers using Camera Connector can also experience efficiency gains when it comes to installation. When combined with Samsara’s AI Dash Cams, customers gain 360° visibility of safety incidents in a single dashboard. This increased visibility combined with cloud connectivity allows managers to access the right footage in minutes and exonerate drivers from false claims.

For example, Rasmussen Group, an Iowa-based heavy construction company with hundreds of concrete trucks, has seen a 30% reduction in backup incidents since installing Samsara Camera Connectors, and they expect that number to increase over time. With on-demand video evidence that was previously unavailable, Rasmussen Group estimates it has saved $30,000 by exonerating drivers from false claims.

In addition to providing on-demand video evidence, Camera Connector integrates third-party camera feeds into Samsara’s video-based workflows for coaching and safety insights. This means safety managers can leverage side, rear, and interior footage when coaching drivers, contributing to an enhanced experience because drivers can improve their habits on the road over time.

Superior Plus Propane, a propane distributor serving 24 states across the U.S. with 2,300 trucks and more than 1,000 drivers, is coaching drivers more effectively on their backup protocols using the Camera Connector. It allows supervisors and trainers to sit in the drivers’ seat and gives a much clearer picture into their exposure and the hazards they’re facing.

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