The construction-technology space has been buzzing lately with new product, partnership, and acquisition announcements—all possible signs the market is bouncing back. As contractors begin to consider new technology, it is critical to take into account the technology provider’s roadmap for the product.

As one example of a recent news announcement impacting the construction-technology market, Viewpoint Construction Software,, Portland, Ore., and ConEst Software Systems,, Manchester, N.H., announced a new partnership.

Yesterday, the companies announced ConEst has joined the Viewpoint Development Partner Program. Through the partnership, the companies will provide a more efficient method by which to share data. Construction companies will be able to improve efficiencies using estimating technology from ConEst and operations and accounting solutions from Viewpoint Construction Software.

According to Viewpoint Construction Software, it selects products for its program that complement Viewpoint V6 Software and can minimize inefficiencies across different areas of the construction business. Executives at ConEst add the partnership will allow customers to increase efficiencies in order to stay competitive in today’s market.

This comes on the heels of a few other big announcements from Viewpoint Construction Software including the introduction of Viewpoint Mobile Field Manager in August and its May announcement that it acquired Construction Imaging.

Viewpoint Construction Software certainly has its eyes set on advancing its technology for the long term. Enterprise-content management and mobility are two big items on top of many construction firms’ tech list for 2013, and Viewpoint Construction Software has positioned itself to provide the tech to help contractors better manage business processes.

But what’s next for the construction-technology provider? Jim Paulson, chief operating officer, Viewpoint Construction Software, will be sitting on a panel at Technology Day this Friday, discussing the future of technology and answering questions regarding which direction builders and contractors should head with IT initiatives in the year ahead. Additionally, both ConEst and Viewpoint will be in the exhibit hall showcasing technology.

The market for construction technology is changing very quickly these days. With things like the cloud, mobility, and connectivity advancing at a rapid-fire rate, contractors need to be aware of what is coming next in order to prepare IT initiatives for the years ahead.

Stay tuned. Construction technology isn’t standing still. Providers are coming to market with new product announcements for mobility and more; partnerships to minimize inefficiencies; and even acquisitions that will shake up the market. The construction-technology space is ripe for innovation. Are you ready?