How the construction industry leverages technology is changing—and construction executives need to keep up or they are going to be left behind.

It is interesting to think the first generation iPhone was released only eight years ago. Little did most industry executives realize at the time how big of an impact that one device would have on business. True, other Windows and BlackBerry devices existed at that time, but leveraging data on those devices was challenging at best.

Enter Apple’s iPhone and the game changed. That is why I was intrigued to see a recent report from Gartner,, Stamford, Conn., that says worldwide IT spending will decline 1.3%, with devices set to decline 1.2% (interestingly enterprise software will rise 2.3%, according to the report).

Still, ever since Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone in 2007 and the iPad in 2010, the way construction businesses interact with content hasn’t been the same. Here is the catch: It wasn’t necessarily the device that reinvented how the construction industry does business, but rather the wide world of apps that came along with it. Certainly, others such as Android have laid claim to the app space since that time.

Simply put, the devices have caused us to use more apps to gather data rather than being tethered to a computer or laptop at home or at work—and this is where the game has changed for construction.

Has your company kept up with this trend? Are you still using outdated ERP (enterprise-resource planning) software that doesn’t share data between the office and the jobsite? How are you leveraging apps? What is your strategy for data on the jobsite? Are these questions your company has considered?

These are very tough questions to answer—but we want to help make it a little bit easier for you.

Here at Constructech magazine one of our chief objectives is to provide you—our reader—with the information needed to make decisions related to construction technology, keeping in mind the rapidly changing nature of software, hardware, devices, and other systems.

One way we do this is every two years we ask contractors and builders to share their thoughts on technology within the construction industry. The information is then analyzed to create the Constructech IT Playbook: the definitive reference guide for IT adoption and forecasting in construction.

Candidly, we have found there is a gap in the market. There are a number of reports put out by analysts about IT spending in general, as well as data about the general construction market from government, but few narrowing in on the technology trends in the construction industry.

In the Constructech IT Playbook, we identify the overall landscape of construction IT (such as budgets, staffs, and IT plans) and delve into big trends such as mobile, BIM (building information modeling), and more. What’s more, we take an in-depth unbiased look at vendors in the space.

All this research ultimately serves as a resource to help construction executives make technology decisions.

If you are a contractor, builder, corporate owner, specialty trade, or construction professional, we encourage you to take the questionnaire. Your feedback will allow us to identify trends in the space, which will help you make those tough technology decisions.

Let’s work together to help move the industry forward.

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