The environmental market is vast and at times complicated to manage. From site assessment, to remediation, to survey, and even mapping, the processes involved on such projects are highly data intensive. Technology is stepping to the forefront to provide professionals in this space with the necessary means to perform the right analysis on projects.

For instance, Trimble,, Sunnyvale, Calif., has signed an agreement with Plexus Controls Corp.,, Ottawa, Canada to collaborate on the development of solutions that leverage a combination of positioning technology, wireless SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) solutions, and mobile field management tools. Designed for professionals in the environmental industry, the deal gives Trimble worldwide rights to use Plexus Control’s wireless SCADA and mobile monitoring technologies.

The wireless SCADA and DCS (distributed control system) technologies from Plexus are used for monitoring and controlling well levels on remediation sites and landfills. This monitoring data is wirelessly connected to a hub site where operators are able to remotely monitor sites.

By combining this monitoring and compliance technology with Trimble’s mobile worker solutions, environmental professionals now have portable monitoring applications to help improve site compliance and increase mobile worker productivity.

As described by Elmar Lenz, director of Trimble’s Environmental Solutions Business Area, professionals in the environmental market face myriad challenges with monitoring larger projects and sites.

The process of managing such sites can be a daunting task. Through a collaborative effort between the two technology providers, the workflow from data collection through analysis for environmental compliance and operational optimization can be effectively enhanced.

Achieving regulatory compliance as well as the ability to optimize operational efficiency can be a tough task, no matter what industry. Through new technology partnerships, the optimization of data can bring a wealth of new opportunity to the market. Trimble seems to be forming new partnerships across the board to enhance operational efficiencies and to help users make better use of the data.