Asset management has always been a vital component to running a successful construction operation. Whether the key asset or set of assets in question are tools, equipment, or any other material, the ability to accurately track and manage these items can save great time and money.

Methods for managing assets are as varied in construction. In many cases technology remains a vital piece to the puzzle, and contractors are investing in new solutions that can help bring their asset-management strategy to the next level.

For example, Hunter Roberts Construciton Group,, New York, N.Y., is one company that continues to expand such efforts. According to Jason Burns, vice president, technology with the company, new asset management software from Compsee,, Gig Harbor, Wash., allows the company to take greater control of assets at corporate locations and construction sites.

Compsee, a software developer and systems integrator of mobile data collection solutions, recently came to market with new asset-management software that gives organizations a full solution for managing and tracking high dollar and/or circulating assets. The company works across many vertical markets, including construction, and has targeted a specific version of the software, Tool and Equipment Management, to this industry.

The new software complements the company’s existing PowerTrack mobile solution for tracking labor, material, and equipment usage and other field data. The company calls the solution enterprise class applications that feature comprehensive search, asset detail lookups, asset movements and assignments to individuals through a check-out /check-in process. The products also support mobile handheld devices, PC workstations, barcode labeling, and scanning.

Technology continues to play a strong role in many different parts of a construction organization. Assets remain a key part of running a profitable construction company, and as a result many contractors are looking for new solutions that provide a bit of assistance in this area.