A construction technology solution to properly manage daily workflow can help a company reach its highest level of efficiency. An integrated ERP (enterprise-resource planning) system that includes content and process management might be worth the upfront investment. In many cases, adopting this type of technology can help streamline construction-management processes and contribute to a company’s bottomline.

Skanska USA Civil, www.usa.skanska.com, New York, N.Y., a civil-construction company, recently implemented one such solution—the eCMS construction-management software solution from Computer Guidance Corp., www.computerguidance.com, Scottsdale, Ariz.

It was especially important to Skanska that it integrate a single enterprise-wide solution capable of managing its accounting, change orders, job cost, payroll, and equipment allocation and utilization. According to David Spaker, director of IT, ERP Systems, Skanska USA Civil, consolidated financial-reporting activities was also important to the company’s decision to standardize across all regions with eCMS.

Computer Guidance develops financial and project-management software solutions for architecture, engineering, and construction companies, and made several functionality upgrades to its eCMS software solution with the v.3.7.0 release. Skanska USA Civil will roll the software out in a multiphase implementation process.

With a growing number of innovative technologies capable of managing construction business processes, construction companies are realizing the benefits of operational efficiencies such as reducing manual data entry and keeping track of paper documents.

Integrated solutions that encompass an entire construction business cycle also provide builders and contractors the ability to reduce redundancies and potential hang-ups stemming from having multiple software systems. By capitalizing on the advanced functionalities technology can offer, construction companies can streamline workflow and implement best practices.