Growth is great for any construction business, and in these hard times that can be very uncommon. However, some builders find that growth can be more of a curse to their business if not managed correctly. Luckily, construction technology is playing its role in helping homebuilders manage growth while maintaining some control in the process.

Rainbow Valley Design & Construction, Eugene Ore., knows this firsthand. The company, which was established in 1971, has experienced considerable growth through the years, evolving to become a company consisting of nine partners and 20 employees spread across two locations, and working with more than 75 subcontractors. With such growth the company found its internal structure and processes needed to keep up in order to match pace.

The company says it has a very flat management structure, meaning it can be a challenge to coordinate nine partners, spread across two locations, more than 100 miles apart. Still, it was important to maintain its company culture and still be able to make decisions quickly.

Still, with such an approach comes overhead. Given the disparate locations of the two offices, the company found it best to seek out a hosted solution that would help bring key information together on the Web for its team, clients, and subcontractors.

The solution that was implemented now handles scheduling, selections, and client communication. The company quickly realized the value of not only storing all project information in one central and secure location, but also the ability to access it from anywhere. This is where the mobile app running on an iPad became critical for the company. Company officials marvel at the time savings that have come simply by being able to access information in a virtual manner from anywhere.

This deployment, which recently won a 2012 Constructech Vision Award for the company, is just another example of the way in which technology is playing a crucial role in helping rebound the residential market. Mobile technology is at the heart of many technology strategies these days, and the example of Rainbow Valley Design & Construction is a good one in that it shows how some leading-edge technology can help with a critical aspect to business growth these days: manageability. Perhaps that is one of the great arguments for continuing to invest in technology moving forward.