For residential and commercial construction companies, managing projects effectively is still one of the top priorities. In order to meet this need, technology providers continue to develop new features and functionality for software, allowing users to improve processes.

For example, UDA,, Auburn, Ala., recently announced new features in its ConstructionOnline product. With new RFI (request for information) Tracking functionality, the technology helps make project management more manageable for the whole team.

The new RFI Tracking feature combines the convenience of email with the project management of ConstructionOnline, according to UDA. With RFI Tracking, companies have the ability to track RFI statuses, attach files and photos directly to requests, allow recipients of the requests to reply via email, and view RFI breakdown for total, waiting, resolved, and overdue RFIs.

The attachments included with requests eliminate uncertainties and lead to faster responses and solutions. Tracking RFI status keeps everyone on task and on schedule. Replying to requests via email is convenient for the whole team and everyone’s replies are logged with the rest of the project information in ConstructionOnline. It also keeps the RFI process organized with the RFI Summary list and keeps it all sorted by number, date, status, and more.

With ConstructionOnline logging all the details, it provides an easy way to follow a request from start to finish, resolving questions along the way. This feature avoids confusion and miscommunication with team members by keeping them up to date.

While this is one example of how a software provider is offering new features to help construction companies manage projects more effectively, a number of vendors are continuing to advance technology to improve business processes in construction.