At the end of the day, what matters most on a construction jobsite is how much work gets done—quality and safety are also key factors. Technology can play an important role in all of these areas. Whether technology solutions streamline backoffice processes or provide realtime visibility into the jobsite, its role is often to bring efficiency to the construction jobcycle.

One company, ADR Software,, Reston, Va., offers a solution called Workforce Monitor that helps general contractors, owners, project managers, and subcontractors make workforce decisions in realtime, which can result in increased jobsite safety and significant time savings.

Using RFID (radio-frequency identification) tags affixed to hard hats and ID badges, the Workforce Monitor solution helps owners and operators keep track of its employees as they come and go. The workforce-monitoring solution monitors and reports on manpower traffic through “portals,” or controlled access points, at commercial construction sites.

Last week, the company added a feature to its solution—Workforce Monitor Dashboard 2.0. The new dashboard provides realtime comparison of actual onsite workforce compared to projected workforce load, providing visibility into a job’s progress as well as any manpower issues. By allowing managers to proactively anticipate manpower issues and intervene when necessary, the technology helps keep construction projects on schedule.

Ultimately, the new feature, which will be offered as an enhancement to ADR’s Web-based Workforce Monitor application, can help project managers measure progress easily and efficiently. Because it is a Web-based solution, owners and operators can easily monitor and manage manpower hours from any Internet-connected device.

In construction, the ability to identify, assess, and react to schedule issues in the field is critical. Therefore, technology that can give managers the tools to improve productive with its workforce is a recipe for a successful project.