IHMS (Integrated Homebuilder Management System)
Trusted Product

Enterprise Management Solution for Homebuilders
Mark Systems has a clear mission: to improve homebuilder profitability. With IHMS (Integrated Homebuilder Management System), a homebuilder-specific enterprise software solution, Mark Systems has designed a suite of accounting, scheduling, purchasing, design, and sales modules that support every function involved in new home construction. IHMS’ single-database architecture adds transparency to workflows by delivering instant information to all teams. By releasing 584 enhancements during the past 12 months—including a new cloud-based software update manager and the ability to produce PDF sales agreements directly to DocuSign—Mark Systems has proven its commitment to the product and to its customers.

“In many ways, Mark Systems’ IHMS is the definition of a Constructech top product. The software suite of tools continues to impress with its core functionality while also evolving with the rapidly changing times, which has continually earned it a place among the elite.” —Constructech editors

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