May/June 2012

Defining the 5D of BIM

There have been several interesting developments throughout the last few years relating to 5D BIM (building information modeling): cost estimating. Since the BIM model itself is the 3D (and understandably so) representation of the project, 4D has become the de facto standard for the sequencing (or time) element of the project.

Sustain the Project

Do green building projects cost more? Not necessarily. At least that is what many contractors are quickly discovering.

In It for the Long Run

You only get one shot to get it right. Unlike a manufacturing company that builds a prototype, your one shot is out in the field, so it’s imperative the technologies and techniques you choose are bulletproof.

Multiple Ways To ERP

“Being able to get feedback as needed helps us to know where jobs are at. And if you cannot do that, then you are operating blind, which can be dangerous for any size contractor.”

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