In keeping up with today’s ever-greener building landscape, technology is here to help. New solutions allow manufacturers to deliver the next generation of product analysis and reporting tools to their customers by improving the product selection process within sustainable project design.

As an example, GPDTools,, Alpharetta, Ga., featuring MyGreenPayback, provides users the opportunity to search, select, and analyze the payback potential for high-performance green products. With this tool, design professionals can better understand the impact of products and systems on all commercial and residential dwelling units.

GPD’s BIM (building information modeling)-focused manufacturer directories available to the design community are called THESource. GPDTools also features ProductTAG. These resources are specifically designed for the Autodesk Revit user community to search, select, and annotate building product data directly into a Revit family, providing realtime schedule and construction document updates.

Additionally, GPDTools latest release features MyGreenPayback, a Web-based app that is designed to quickly and easily calculate the payback potential of high performance green products in our daily lives and business.

The often overwhelming and time-consuming decision process around green products is simplified by providing key product performance data from leading solution providers in an easy-to-review format. With organization of this information, according to key categories, this tool allows consumers and professionals to analyze, compare, and share critical information before buying.

These types of tools dramatically simplify sustainability within the workflow for BIM users. The benefits? Users will be able to use sustainable solutions within their BIM projects and be able to perform simple and straightforward analysis.

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