Before today’s technology, construction industry insiders faced complicated measurement challenges. They had to go onsite equipped with a wide array of tools, including tape measures and ladders. Then they had to write down measurements on a piece of paper. It’s a simple fact: taking measurements can be a lengthy or difficult process. But now there has been a technology revolution to change all of that.

Enter innovation like ikeGPS Limited’s,, Wellington, New Zealand, remote measurement hardware and software solutions, such as Spike, a laser accurate smartphone measurement solution. The Spike device, Spike mobile app, and user’s smartphone work together to change the way measurements are taken and shared.

Spike employs a smartphone or tablet’s camera, GPS (global positioning system), compass, and Internet connection in combination with Spike’s built-in laser rangefinder and Bluetooth. And from a Spike photo, users can capture realtime measurements including height, width, area, length, and target location. Spike works with both Apple iOS and Google Android devices, and the app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Currently, the Spike e-commerce site supports the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and most European countries. And additional countries are planned to be supported in the near future. Users can experience Spike for free by downloading the Spike app and using demo mode (demo mode does not provide accurate measurements without the Spike device).

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