Capital planners in government, education, and retail face several challenges, including reliably, deciding which projects get funded, gauging which projects meet the priorities of the organization, and monitoring how funds are used.

To help meet those challenges, Systemates Inc.,, Richardson, Texas, has released Projectmates Version 14.0.

The update brings numerous enhancements for existing modules and features a new capital-planning module. Many of these enhancements were taken directly from client wish lists in order to optimize their experience with the capital project-management software.

Existing tools and modules have been improved in order to increase functionality and customizability. The new version includes improvements in the program reporting, bid manager, document management, submittals, and Projectmates Mobile. Another improvement is the introduction of context-sensitive training videos.

Projectmates University videos are integrated into the software where users need them the most. For example, a user that doesn’t know how to enter an invoice now has access to a quick training video from the invoice page.

Varsha Bhave, lead developer, Projectmates, says the company realizes that a lot happens before the project ever begins and that companies need tools to manage the constantly changing information on priorities, funding availability, as well as the scope of projects.

Projectmates new capital projects module was created in response to these needs. It provides a comprehensive set of tools to strategize and track capital projects. These tools can streamline the complete lifecycle of an organization’s capital program. The module manages project requests, capital projects, project ranking, planned costs by fiscal year, and phase and fund allocation. Once a capital project is implemented, commitments and actuals are also tracked and updated in the CIP (capital improvement plan) in realtime.

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