MetaMoJi Corp.,, Palo Alto, Calif., a provider of productivity and education support applications, has launched its global partner program to help solution providers take advantage of the MetaMoJi’s products.

MetaMoJi is looking for partners that provide technology or business solutions and would like to make more use of technology such as tablets, touch screen, built-in cameras, and audio to enhance offerings. The company’s products are used in the service, financial, construction, engineering, education, pharmaceutical, and medical industries, to name a few.

The MetaMoJi suite of business and education applications includes:

MetaMoJi Note, a personal and group productivity tool for taking notes containing rich content such as drawing, photos, voice notes, and Web pages; and MetaMoJi Share, a realtime document collaboration client that allows managed access to documents with all participants able to see changes taking place in realtime.

All MetaMoJi products provide the ability to import common document formats including PDF and Office, a rich editing environment with pens and colored inks, pre-defined and customizable shapes library, Web page capture, and document export.

Additional features including cloud synchronization, handwriting recognition, audio capture, and centralized IT management are also available.

Software clients are available on Windows 8, iOS, and Android. Windows 10 versions are also planned for release. The client applications can be downloaded from the App Store for the devices being deployed or installed via side-loading or other deployment methods.

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