On highway and road construction projects, being able to monitor and manage traffic congestion is becoming a greater priority in order to minimize inconveniences due to road work or a ‘carmageddon,’ so to speak. One consortium of construction companies in the Netherlands is using technology to help minimize traffic.

Ballast Nedam, www.ballast-nedam.com, Nieuwegein, Netherlands, and Strukton, www.strukton.com, Utrecht, Netherlands, are the construction companies tasked with building a new tunnel under a motorway through Maastricht, which is schedule to be completed in 2017.

A2 (Avenue2), the consortium that includes the two construction companies, has agreed to a single integrated plan for the city and motorway with multiple objectives for improvement to the traffic flow and the accessibility, while promoting quality of life and road safety.

In order to enable its plan going forward, the consortium is using technology from TomTom, www.tomtom.com, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, throughout the project to monitor traffic congestion caused by construction. TomTom provides in-car location and navigation products. TomTom is providing Avenue2 realtime traffic data in order to monitor traffic congestion caused by construction.

With the technology, the consortium is aware of traffic conditions and can ensure inconveniences due to road work can be kept to a minimum. Conny Koreman, communication manager, Avenue2, says with the realtime traffic data from TomTom’s floating car data, the consortium will be able to control traffic flows on the roads during the construction process.

Maarten van Gool, managing director, TomTom, adds it offers traffic solutions that enable the most efficient use of the road networks and help reduce traffic congestion.

This technology can provide construction companies with the tools they need to effectively manage congestion during road construction projects. With an influx of infrastructure construction across the globe, technology is playing an important role in helping construction companies manage projects more effectively.