Construction professionals cannot avoid all of the risks inherent in their industry. However, thanks to technology solutions that can identify potential design errors, oversights, and omissions, builders and contractors are better placed than ever before to minimize risk in every project. As a result, companies that invest in technology often maximize project quality, jobsite safety, and overall customer satisfaction.

In fact, many of today’s software solutions are designed to improve risk management by increasing collaboration, by streamlining and simplifying processes, and by providing key project data in realtime. Following a steady stream of connected devices into the market throughout the past several years, individual employees and enterprises through BYOD (bring-your-own-device) policies are beginning to more readily embrace the benefits of adopting technology, especially mobile technology, on the job.

In concrete construction, one company that recently announced its adoption of a new solution is Wayne Brothers,, Kannapolis, N.C., a concrete and site-development subcontractor looking to add value to its business case through technology. Wayne Brothers says it began looking at 3D modeling software as a way to respond more quickly to clients’ demands, to add visibility into concrete and rebar details that were not visible on 2D drawings, and to identify potential omissions and design errors ahead of time.

Wayne Brothers chose to leverage Tekla Structures from Tekla,, Kennesaw, Ga., software provider for the engineering and construction industries, as a way to accomplish the improvements on its wish list. The company says its selection will not only help eliminate potential errors, but help it stay competitive in today’s increasingly tech-savvy marketplace.

Specifically, Wayne Brothers says Tekla Structures will allow it to model its portion of a project during the preconstruction phase to identify and resolve issues before construction begins. It will then be able to leverage preconstruction models to develop accurate estimates and to more quickly and easily share the model with rebar vendors. Change management will be streamlined and clients will now be able to check the updated model frequently, encouraging confidence in the contractor and in the final product.

Since adoption, Wayne Brothers says the Tekla solution has reduced the time from the award to the first rebar submittal by up to 50%. This ROI (return on investment) gives the company the competitive edge—and the risk reduction—it was looking for in a technology solution. By embracing technology, the construction industry can not only achieve the efficiencies expected from a paperless workflow, it can minimize risk, drive quality, and open up new avenues for value throughout the entire business.