LIMA, Peru, June 2, 2015 – Aconex Limited (ASX: ACX), provider of a leading cloud collaboration platform for the global construction industry, today announced that Minsur Sociedad Anonima has agreed to standardize on the Aconex platform for managing information and processes across all of its mining projects in South America.

Headquartered in Lima, Peru, Minsur is involved in the extraction and refining of tin, lead, zinc, copper, and precious metals. It is the sole tin miner in Peru and the world’s largest integrated producer of tin.

Minsur has successfully deployed Aconex on a number of large mining projects to streamline collaboration between project team members across multiple organizations and reduce costs.

Increased Efficiency, Faster Turnaround
Prior to the adoption of Aconex, Minsur struggled with a manual document review and revision process that often resulted in 10-day turnarounds. Emails were managed by the sender without using any registration method to store important or contractual information. Project teams were unable to transmit or open large attachments. Documents had to be printed and mailed, requiring additional time and cost. Access to contractors’ documents was restricted. Minsur needed an integrated collaboration system to connect its cross-organizational project teams on a single platform.

“We evaluated half a dozen document management solutions and chose Aconex,” said Victor Fidel, document control chief for projects expansion at Minsur. “Since the platform is cloud-based, there was no infrastructure to build and manage, and no software to install on everyone’s computer. Project data is secure, auditable and 100% available from anywhere. The system is neutral, providing project-wide stakeholder access for improved transparency and accountability.”

Mr. Fidel continued, “We are able to trace every document from creation through final approval. We can find what we need when we need it with the platform’s powerful search engine. Creating workflows is a simple process. The system was easy to implement and use, especially since many of our project partners had prior experience with Aconex.”

“Aconex has more than paid for itself.”

Since deploying Aconex, Minsur has already realized reductions in document printing costs and turnaround time, while decreasing paper consumption for environmental sustainability. The company has also reduced dispute resolution costs and achieved better governance.

“Aconex has more than paid for itself,” said Mr. Fidel. “The system has provided outstanding support for internal and external audits, as well as peer review and tendering processes.”

Under an enterprise agreement with Aconex, Minsur and its project teams have unlimited usage of the platform for bidding, design reviews, document control, communications, and workflow management. Through the platform’s application programming interfaces (APIs), Minsur also integrates data from internal and external systems to further drive process improvement and reduce costs.

“Construction projects in the mining industry are large, complex and demanding,” said Frank Kopas, general manager of the Americas at Aconex. “Errors caused by miscommunications or outdated documents can quickly put schedules and budgets at risk. We’re pleased that Minsur has entrusted Aconex with the management of data and processes across all of its projects. Our goal is to help our customers shrink their overall project schedules, and we have repeatedly proven our ability to do just that.”