The construction industry understands the need for field access—which is key considering the overall market for mobile workers is growing. In general, mobile workers will number 1.3 billion worldwide by 2015, and 37.2% of the total workforce will be operating outside of a traditional office setting by that time, according to IDC.

To this end, BuildingBlok,, New York, N.Y., has launched a mobile application to bring better communication, collaboration, and efficiency to the construction industry as general contractors stay in touch with subcontractors across multiple projects and locations. This mobile app is the latest add-on to BuildingBlok’s portfolio of low-cost construction management tools geared to SMB (small-and-mid-sized) general contractors.

As a cloud-based platform, BuildingBlok helps small-to-mid-size general contractors better manage the entire lifecycle of construction projects. The new mobile application resolves one of the biggest sources of inefficiency facing construction management projects—the ability for general contractors and subcontractors to stay in touch while in the field.

With the mobile application, users can communicate and collaborate from anywhere; create, track, and complete RFIs (requests for information) and punchlists; update daily reports and timesheets; upload pictures directly from the jobsite, including any questions directed to the general contractor for a realtime response; and update and manage construction schedules and keep a daily log of hours spent.

Just today, BuildingBlok has additionally announced the launch of a new bidding feature, Invitation to Bid. With this, general contractors can manage contacts and send invitations to bid subcontractors. With a system such as this, SMBs can better manage documents and contacts, track communications, and collaborate with subcontractors.

As the economy continues to rebound, SMBs have an opportunity to take advantage of more projects. With technology such as this, contractors will be able to easily manage projects and focus on building.