The first industry that comes to mind when you think of barcode scanning may be retail, but mobile barcoding can come in handy in many vertical markets throughout the enterprise realm—including any industry that relies on moving and managing assets, pickups, and deliveries such as construction.

Scandit,, a developer of software-based barcode scanning solutions for smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices, is poised to enhance the transportation and logistics industries thanks to its new mobile app suite. Scandit says its solution includes mobile app templates and backend services that are designed specifically to meet the needs of logistics and transportation businesses by enhancing operational efficiencies and, ultimately, bolstering enterprise profitability.

The mobile app suite includes solutions such as Pickup and Delivery, Shipping and Receiving, Asset Management, and Check-In and Boarding. The solutions are available separately or bundled together. The customizable, cross-platform apps help enterprise customers “transform” mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets into enterprise-grade scanning devices, eliminating the need to purchase standalone barcode scanners.

By leveraging these solutions, transportation and logistics companies can streamline operations while gaining critical visibility into processes. Plus, they can reduce upfront and operational costs by leveraging existing hardware and infrastructure. Scandit says it is also working on a new cloud-configurable barcode scanning solution called Cloud Scan, a beta app that will make it possible for companies to offer powerful enterprise-grade barcode workflows that can be created online.

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