Communication is key in construction, which relies on all of its team members to be on the same page to ensure job quality and maximum efficiency. As technology solutions become more readily adopted in industries such as construction, the need for face-to-face communication has not diminished in the minds of many professionals.

Solutions that allow realtime markups and document exchange from a jobsite are crucial to a streamlined workflow, but technology that enables mobile video conferencing can be a good option to maintain that personal connection among members of a project or management team.

SpawGlass,, San Antonio, Texas, a general contractor, construction manager, design/builder, and civil contractor, has adopted a technology solution to make this happen. The company recently incorporated the ENCORE solution from AGT (Applied Global Technologies),, Rockledge, Fla., which will expand the contractor’s video-conferencing platform to include remote services for mobile users.

Since implementation, SpawGlass employees can now participate in meetings via laptop, iPad, or iPhone—even from a jobsite. AGT says its unified-communications (UC) platform can be used for both internal and external video communication.

Internally, the technology benefits construction companies by enhancing communication and collaboration among remote employees. Externally, a mobile video-conferencing platform provides a professional way to communicate with clients. The technology can also enhance a client’s sense of project transparency.

According to Richard Evans, IT manager, SpawGlass, the company’s objective in adopting this technology was to find a solution that leveraged its existing video-conference system by extending it to mobile users and third parties.

Strategic technology adoption is a growing trend among construction companies that no longer wish to be considered “innovation stalwarts.” Since many construction business processes rely on visual inspection and constant communication among team members, video conferencing could be a prudent solution for those looking for a competitive advantage in 2012.