The idea of mobile asset management and mobile time-tracking technology continues to gain acceptance in the construction industry today. Being able to manage assets from a handheld device helps keep workers out in the field and staying productive, rather than being tied to a jobsite trailer. But finding the right solution isn’t as cut and dry as it seems.

One solution that has come to market as of late leverages the power of embedding technology right inside a piece of equipment or a tool in order to have realtime tracking and location of that asset at all times. TeleNav,, Sunnyvale, Calif., brings to market TeleNav Asset Tracker, leveraging Verizon Wireless’ data network and it own secure, Web-based portal technology to allow customers the ability to locate a piece of a equipment, no matter where it may roam.

An interesting feature allows for alerts to be set up that will notify management when a piece of equipment leaves a pre-defined area or is motionless for an extended period of time. This can be a valuable piece of technology for construction, as the importance of asset location and tracking continues to increase. The costs associated with lost equipment and inefficient tracking can start to add up over the course of multiple jobs.

“Many businesses are looking for new methods and products to help them improve the way in which they’re able to manage the supply chain from end-to-end,” says Mark Bartolomeo, vice president, global enterprise marketing, Verizon Wireless. “In order to achieve that objective, a reliable network is paramount. TeleNav Asset Tracker provides our enterprise customers with an all encompassing product that gives them the data they need to monitor assets once they hit the road, helping them to better manage their logistics operations, reduce theft, and generate the detailed reporting their customers require.”

Knowing where assets are deployed or where materials are located at all times improves productivity and supports on-time job completion initiatives. Mobile time-tracking technology is an area where Linda Eastridge-Jordan, Industry Marketing Manager, Sprint,, Overland Park, Kan., believes some of the biggest opportunities in mobile exist for contractors today.

“Allowing workers to clock-in and clock-out from their phones that in turn (integrate with) time and payroll systems, reduces paperwork and errors, again improving productivity and reducing wasted time in the field as well,” says Eastridge-Jordan. “Any solution that increases productivity, whether on the jobsite or in the back office, improves profit margins for construction firms that are still recovering from the recent economic conditions.”

The key is to work with your carrier to connect with partners that are providing mobile tracking solutions tailored for the construction industry. With a growing focus on data connections from all the major carriers these days, it is certain that a data-intensive industry such as construction will garner a great deal of attention moving forward.