While many organizations want to reduce reliance on paper forms because they are expensive to print, error prone due to handwriting, often get lost, require retyping into computer systems, and physical storage, it is a challenge to replace paper forms because the cost of recreating forms to electronic forms and the time required to do so.

To help, Snappii, www.snappii.com, Rochester, N.H., announces a solution for organizations that want to use mobile forms and reduce or replace reliance on paper forms—a new technology that removes barriers to switching to mobile forms. By loading existing PDF forms, which businesses already use into any app provided by Snappii, app users can begin immediately using these existing forms on any mobile device.

Once forms are uploaded they can be instantly used to enter information; filled out and shared with co-workers via email or cloud drives; stored locally on device or on cloud drives such as Dropbox, Box, Goggle Drive, and MS OneDrive; and printed.

What’s more is users can add additional capabilities—or fields—to forms they have imported. Additional capabilities are signature capture fields; photo capture fields; date and time stamp fields; additional fields to capture text and numbers; show GPS location on the map; add bar code QR code scanners; and add radio buttons, multiple choice buttons, checkboxes.

Snappii also announces its new My PDF Form Manager mobile app. This app is designed for individuals and enables them to upload any PDF file into the app, fill it out, and share in multiple ways. Snappii offers mobile business apps for such industries as construction, inspection, heavy equipment, oil and gas, field service, transportation and logistics, utilities, and real estate.

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