Mobile jobsite communication has just been made easier with the implementation technology at Pepper Construction,, Chicago, Ill., and McShane Construction,, Rosemont, Ill.

Pepper Construction, for example, recently implemented a combination of new technologies to complete a project in less than six months.

The technology includes KNAACK’s,, Crystal Lake, Ill., recently introduced DataVault product, and technology from StratusVue,, Fox Lake, Ill., for cloud-based document management.

The project—a 27,000 sq.ft., green field enterprise data center—opened in the initial phase with enough equipment to mirror an existing site and allowed for expansion capability.

To improve BIM (building information modeling) on this project, Pepper Construction beta tested KNAACK’s new DataVault product, designed to connect jobsite professionals to information by providing a digital plan storage solution for onsite job management.

With StratusVue’s cloud-based document management suite, Pepper can bring technology to the field safely and ensure the project can be managed more efficiently. The software provided an opportunity to get critical, current project information within feet of where the actual work was happening.

And Pepper Construction saw immediate value from the combined solution. Instead of spending half of the time in the project trailer, the information was accessible on the jobsite for execution.

Also, the combined KNAACK DataVault/StratusVue solution allows Pepper to access information in realtime, meaning information is up-to-date on plans and allows Pepper to focus on the work instead of waiting on responses. What’s more, the technology provides the field team speed on projects, which was the driving factor in the Pepper implementation. Other benefits are faster data access and improved BIM integration.

Pepper Construction is just one example of a construction company that has implemented new technology for BIM and seen immediate value.

As another example, McShane Construction Company, a national provider of design/build and build-to-suit construction services, has also recently implemented StratusVue’s PlansandSpecs solution to increase collaboration and drive efficiency across the McShane enterprise.

The cloud-based software suite improves project and document management tasks for construction managers throughout the preconstruction and construction phases of a project. By creating a central online hub for all contract documentation, the technology also improves accessibility and transparency for all project stakeholders.

More specifically, the PlansandSpecs module provides tools and workflows that improve productivity during construction. Future plans at McShane include the implementation of BidVue, which is used to manage the bidding process with subcontractors.

While these are just two examples, more often construction companies are finding technology can help improve BIM and communication at the jobsite.