Looking for faster in-house geospatial service? Construction technology can help analyze data quickly and enable mapping while out on the jobsite. Now, the systems are advancing, giving contractors and surveying firms more options for geospatial services.

One option is Leica Pegasus:One, manufactured by Leica Geosystems Inc., www.leica-geosystems.us, Norcross, Ga., and recently purchased by survey firm Rice Associates Inc., www.ricesurveys.com, Manassas, Va. The recent purchase of Leica Pegasus:One by surveying and photogrammetry firm Rice Associates is to complete its in-house geospatial service offerings 20 times faster than traditional methods.

Technology such as this compact, highly flexible mobile mapping solution combines the imagery with a traditional terrestrial laser scanner to provide high-quality data acquisition at or near posted roadway speeds. With this new technology, Rice Associates’ surveyors and mappers can quickly analyze existing data or provide data for preliminary design.

The geospatial services provider has operated a photogrammetric unit for 14 years and partnered with mobile mapping service providers to support its work with the Virginia Dept. of Transportation, www.virginiadot.org, Richmond, Va. With its own highly flexible, highly accurate mobile mapping system, the firm will be able offer new design-build capabilities from conception to completion.

Other industry insiders are following suit, providing geospatial services in house. With this mobile mapping, issues are addressed such as maintenance requirements, capital cost, and the vehicle dependency of most systems. With technology like Pegasus:One, calibration is easy, the cost is not prohibitive, and the unit is modular.

Among benefits of the compact Leica Pegasus:One are a plug-and-play hardware solution, including cameras and LIDAR sensors, enabled by a complete software solution, with data acquisition, calibration, post-processing, viewing, editing, and storage modules. The technology provides an easy process for object capture and referencing into a common Esri, www.esri.com, Redlands, Calif., GIS (geographic information system)-based platform.