Workers on the go need to be able to communicate quickly and efficiently. Mobile devices have played a major role in making this possible, allowing for easy messaging and the sending of files and images. In the construction industry, dedicated tools aim to make the most of mobile devices in the field.

For instance, Viewpoint Construction Software,, Portland, Ore., recently announced a new feature for customers of its Viewpoint For Project Collaboration solution. With the new Project Docs application, users can share and manage documents and photos from the Viewpoint For Project Collaboration solution on a mobile device. In this way, workers from across a project, such as field teams, architects, and senior management, can all stay in the loop.

With the solution enabled on a mobile device, it doesn’t matter if a worker is in the office or out at a jobsite. The user will be able to perform a wide variety of functions. For example, the application allows workers to navigate to a project site, project, or sub-project. They can then create and modify new tasks, revise documents such as RFIs (requests for information), issues, change orders, and respond to tasks and discussions.

Users can also take photos and share them with team members via the mobile devices. The app will also remember workers’ favorite areas on the system, allowing them to quickly return to that information. Viewpoint says the Project Docs application is free to download for current Viewpoint For Project Collaboration customers on the Google Play Store for Android devices and on the iTunes Store for an Apple iPad or iPhone.

Mobile solutions are proving a popular way for workers to stay connected in the field. As the number of mobile construction software options increase, companies will need to decide what application is the right fit for their organization.