Construction contractors, small and large, have a need for realtime or daily information at the jobsites where workers are engaged. Whether daily project status reports, realtime issue notification and resolution, or safety alerts, expectations have grown for timely access to what is going on.

A host of technologies and communication tools and methods are employed across jobsites worldwide to address this growing need—some more integrated than others. Add to this the capabilities in the hands of people on the ground in the form of smartphones with voice recorders, cameras, GPS, and sophisticated apps, and it is easy to see that an unstructured system of information flow can easily lead to misinformation, confusion, and rework.

Enter the new NoteVault 2.5 app for iOS and enhanced NoteVault Platform, from NoteVault,, San Diego, Calif. The concept is to provide construction managers with a way to easily capture voice notes, location, time, and photo content so they can be transcribed and assembled into daily reports or realtime notifications.

NoteVault’s staff performs the transcription and assembly and delivers the content in standard PDF reports or other content types, depending on the customer need. Users of the system can access notes or photos in a continuous newsfeed, based on security access to the content and their role.

One aspect of the process is the seamless capture of the date/time and GPS coordinates of the note or picture. This information can be useful in tracking events when and where they occurred on a jobsite. Feedback from construction firm users indicates the added data tagging gives is useful in monitoring job sites from afar.

The new iOS app integrates with NoteVault’s Crowd Source Safety reporting tool for capturing and reporting on safety observations with the purpose of reducing workplace injuries and fatalities. The app also integrates with NoteVault’s AlertMe!, which notifies stakeholders of incidents in realtime. An Android version of the app will be released soon.

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