In the construction industry, if you don’t have tools, you don’t have much. The loss or misplacement of tools on a jobsite can cost both money and efficiency. Thus, the tracking and monitoring of tools on a jobsite can be tremendously important. Thankfully, mobile technology can help.

ToolWatch,, Englewood, Colo., recently announced the development of the ToolWatch Field App, an iOS application for the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Designed specifically for jobsite supervisors and project managers, Field App allows users to easily search, access, and manage their tools, equipment, and materials. This allows for the streamlining of project operations, the maintaining of resources, and the ability to keep projects on time and on budget.

The app, which is currently available for demo, has four main features:

  • A search capability, which allows users to locate and review details about various tools, equipment and materials
  • The ability to update equipment information, i.e. status or odometer readings
  • Users will be able to transfer tools, equipment, and materials to different users or jobsites
  • The verification of tool and equipment locations, to ensure these assets are assigned to their designated projects.

In addition, Field App allows users to turn their connected device into a mobile barcode scanner, so that tools may be scanned for inventory purposes.

But ToolWatch isn’t the only company making use of mobile technology to track its assets, nor is it the only company making use of barcodes. This is also a feature on the Tool Tracker App, developed by Wells Innovations,, Fairbury, Ill. With the app, users scan barcodes they assign to different tools, and subsequently assign information and jobsite data to it. Additional information can also be recorded, such as whether the tool is currently being used, or if it requires maintenance.

As the worlds of technology and construction continue to merge, arguably one of the most noteworthy benefits for the workforce has been added efficiency. In construction, having pertinent knowledge about the tools at one’s disposal is arguably a key to that efficiency. Mobile technology may prove to be one of the best tools for the job.