Construction managers need to be on top of projects as they happen, and that can result in some long hours which can take away from finding a good balance between work and home life.

However, a survey shows use of mobility and BYOD (bring your own devices) has produced very positive results for the employees and the companies they work for.

According to a survey conducted by Evolve IP,, 95% of organizations interviewed say allowing or supporting mobility and the use of BYOD (bring your own device) programs have helped increase productivity and its effect on the workforce.

The survey reveals under use of these initiatives, managers and executives are working remotely about 10.5 hours per week. Of those surveyed, 60% say their mobile devices allow them to get critical information in near realtime, and 95% believe being enabled by devices has allowed them to be more productive than they were five years ago. By being able to work remotely, 67% say working during their commute has added nearly an extra half hour to their work day.

This type of availability and access to job related functions can, and has, resulted in improved production levels, though it may seem that the addition of time devoted to one’s work might be a drawback.

That is not necessarily the case.

Very few viewed being “always available” as a negative, with 80% stating the “ability to work anytime/anywhere was a plus to the job. Additionally, 80% believe mobile access helps to improve the work/life balance since they have the flexibility to work from home if they need to.

By having greater access to certain programs such as CRM (customer-relationship management), and billing and support, 44% say access would be very helpful to getting projects completed remotely, while 35% state access to Microsoft,, Office products would improve work proficiency when away from the jobsite. Predictions are calling for greater use of cloud services as they become more integrated into IT (information technology) organizations and provide workers with access to all necessary applications from remote locales.

Guy Fardone, COO and general manager, Evolve IP, says, “…the results clearly demonstrate that not only are employees happily embracing the technologies, the companies deploying them are seeing real gains in productivity.”

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