Monitoring driver safety and behavior is critical to any company that operates a fleet of vehicles. Aware of that fact, ATS (Atlantic Tower Services),, Orlando, Fla., a full-service equipment maintenance, repair, and installation service company, recently implemented a new solution across its fleet.

The company has implemented the Trimble Driver Safety solution from Trimble,, Sunnyvale, Calif., which the technology company announced earlier this month.

The selection of the new solution follows ATS’s implementation of Trimble Fleet Management, a cloud-computing platform that offers visibility into day-to-day field service operations.

By adding the solution to its fleet management capabilities, ATS, which specializes in telecommunications infrastructure and electrical power generation, will have complete backoffice analysis of aggressive maneuvers such as jackrabbit starts, hard braking, harsh turns, and speeding, enabling management to coach poor drivers who put the company at risk.

The Driver Safety in-vehicle hardware uses alerts to provide drivers with feedback about their driving behavior so they can make immediate changes to their driving style.

Karen Anderson, fleet administrator, ATS, says driver safety is an integral part of company culture, as it understands the consequences of poor driving. The solution identifies and monitors unsafe practices so it can quickly mitigate risks on the road. Anderson also says making sure drivers adhere to company safety policies is vital to protecting them and the business.

ATS initially equipped its service vehicles with Trimble’s Fleet Management solution. Fleet Management provides visibility into the progress of technicians, enabling field managers to make intelligent decisions on fleet performance and asset utilization based on realtime information. Fleet Management also allows ATS to auto-generate reports that detail gas consumption and vehicle stops so managers can coach their drivers on unnecessary idling and reduce fuel usage.

The Fleet Management capabilities have allowed ATS to protect its assets as well. When a vehicle was stolen, ATS used the in-vehicle Trimble GPS to locate and recover the vehicle within hours of the theft.

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