Tracking assets can bring financial benefits to companies, and the construction industry is perhaps one of the best examples. With many assets to monitor—such as trucks, equipment, and tools—construction companies can cut down on loss and paperwork by implementing a technology solution for asset tracking.

Assets can be monitored using a cellular network for data transfer. Recently, two companies announced a partnership to bring new tracking services to its partners. NewCore Wireless,, St. Cloud, Minn., and VisTracks,, Lisle, Ill., will provide the SnapTraq asset-tracking manager services solution to carrier partners.

NewCore Wireless provides hosted wireless technology for carriers, while VisTracks offers an application platform. The companies say the SnapTraq solution is designed to offer partners a “one-stop-shop” for connectivity, allowing them to get their systems running faster. SnapTraq is designed to be sold by wireless carriers to end users, specifically small- and medium-business customers.

SnapTraq makes use of VisTracks’ analytics and rules-based development platform. The solution includes an asset-monitoring portal, allowing user to track assets and receive various alerts. Construction companies can benefit from the tracking of vehicles or equipment, viewing their status in the portal. By always knowing where assets are being used, construction firms can save time spent searching for tools or equipment.

Keeping track of assets is a high priority in construction, and often that need expands to include deeper insight into the use of vehicles. In some cases, fleet-management solutions can bring an additional monitoring component to vehicle tracking, such as the NexTraq GPS Fleet tracking system,, Atlanta, Ga., which allows users to view vehicle locations, as well as whether vehicles are moving, stopped, or idling.

Another tracking solution comes from Verizon,, Basking Ridge, N.J., which offers Networkfleet to monitor speed, fuel consumption, drivers, and vehicles.

Asset tracking can work for large or small pieces of equipment, and connectivity brings the data to mangers in realtime. By keeping an eye on assets, construction companies are also keeping an eye on the bottomline.