Infrastructure construction such as highways, bridges, and pipelines, among others, typically reach into isolated locations where temperatures fluctuate constantly and Internet connections are scarce. This, however, doesn’t minimize the need for construction technology on the job. As such, these project owners and construction teams typically need to turn to rugged solutions for monitoring and control of remote infrastructure.

This is the case with the Yiba Highway construction in China. The highway tunnels are subject to temperature fluctuations, humidity, dust, and vibration, but the headquarters still needed a means to monitor and control the highway tunnels. To meet this need, the team implemented a rugged industrial monitoring and control system to connect its headquarters with remote-traffic monitoring locations throughout the tunnels.

The use of industrial Ethernet switches from Red Lion Controls,, York, Pa., in combination with network-based technology enables the headquarters to observe and manage the tunnels, even in extreme weather conditions.

With the technology in place, the team at the headquarters is able to monitor traffic patterns, inform motorists of road conditions, and reroute traffic to avoid accidents. Additionally, with these particular industrial Ethernet switches in place, the time between failures is reduced, ultimately resulting in minimized maintenance costs for the Yiba Highway Construction Headquarters.

Realtime monitoring and control solutions can solve many of the headaches project owners and construction teams face on a daily basis, giving staff at corporate more control of the jobsite. In remote locations, industrial Ethernet switches are one connectivity option to be able to monitor and diagnose a situation at a jobsite.

As more infrastructure construction projects continue to reach across the globe, the project owner and construction team working on the projects will need technology to enable processes to run smoothly.