It’s a seller’s market if you’re a painter, plumber, or handyman.

So says,, the home network, released the most popular search terms of 2014. Across the country “painter” led the way followed by “plumber” and “handyman” rounding out the medal stand.

It’s no surprise that painters show up so high in the results, according to Asha Sharma,, CMO. For home sellers, interior and exterior painting provides a really good return on investment as you prepare to sell, he added. And on the homebuyer side, painting is a great way to add some personal touch whether it’s repainting interior walls or improving the exterior curb appeal.”

And plumbers and handyman also ranked high. This is probably due to the consistent need homeowners have for their services. From appliance installation, pipe repairs, or water heater maintenance, plumbers are a need that every homeowner is likely to encounter along their home journey. Additionally, handymen and handywomen are often called about to help homeowners complete numerous projects around the home.

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