Motor City Electric Co.,, Detroit, Mich., acknowledges construction companies need the latest technology and solutions to measure actionable data in realtime.

Computer Guidance Corp.,, Scottsdale, Ariz., a developer of ERP (enterprise resource planning) software solutions for construction, which now falls under the JDM Technology Group, the new branding of the Explorer Software Group of Companies, says Motor City Electric Co., has upgraded its construction ERP solution from version eCMS v.3.7.0 to eCMS v.4.0.

The Michigan-based electrical contractor delivers an array of services to its customers, which include automotive and process, commercial, industrial, specialty industries, service and emergency, public works and steel, technologies, utilities, and excavation. With the upgrade to eCMS v.4.0, Motor City Electric Co., will be able to improve its business and maximize profits.

eCMS v.4.0 is an enterprise-class construction management solution with features and functionality targeted for the construction industry today. This solution provides additional enterprise content management, along with business intelligence and analytics capabilities in support of its multi-national and multi-locational specialty construction services business. This accessible data results in better analysis, decisionmaking, and forecasting for Motor City Electric Co.

“With the comprehensive and advanced business intelligence capabilities of eCMS v.4.0, we will be able to better track our progress and manage our costs,” says Patrick Mitchell, controller, Motor City Electric Co. “While we will continue to measure actionable data in realtime, we now look forward to generating interactive dashboards and creative drill-down reports to have a holistic data view of our financial and operational performance at any given time.”

eCMS v.4.0 is built on an open architecture empowering Motor City Electric Co., to integrate with third-party software applications in realtime. To ensure the transition went well, the Computer Guidance team worked directly with Motor City Electric Co.’s IT and financial administration teams to deliver a set of custom developed programs in support of the contractor’s distinctive business needs.

Accessible data can save construction companies time and money. Motor City Electric Co.’s upgrade to eCMS v.4.0 should prove beneficial with its additional content management, business intelligence, and business analytics.