The construction industry is evolving, moving from on-premise software packages in the office toward more collaborative technology on mobile devices. Textura Corp., recognizes this trend and is developing and acquiring technology to move the construction industry toward more collaborative workflows.

A big move on the part of Textura was the acquisition of LATISTA, a provider of mobile applications, including quality management, punchlists, safety, electronic commissioning, and document management.

With this, add Textura to the list of companies looking to help push BIM (building information) to the jobsite. The company has been on a mission to build an end-to-end collaboration solution through both acquired and organic growth for a number of years. It was only a matter of time before the company pushed its mobile and BIM technology further by acquiring one of the leading mobile-solution providers in the space.

This news followed Textura’s announcement about its IPO (initial public offering) of shares of common stock to the public. Since the IPO announcement, investment has come in a number of different forms for Textura including building out new products BidOrganizer and newly launched PerformanceTracker.