S. Sterling Co., www.ssterlingco.com, Atlanta, Ga., is a sales and distribution firm representing electrical component suppliers to hundreds of U.S. vehicle and equipment manufacturers throughout a 14-state region in the South, Southeast, and Midwest. The company represents highly engineered products to vehicle manufacturers from recreational to heavy duty—including a major construction equipment company.

A distributor of headlamps, work lamps, relays and time delays, solenoids, ignition switches, joystick controls, linear and rotary transducers, polyurethane molded products, wire harnesses and instrument panels, S. Sterling Co. has a specific set of “pipeline steps” that focus strictly on moving opportunities.

Prior, however, to adopting a CRM (customer-relationship management) software solution from Pipeliner CRM, www.pipelinerCRM.com, Los Angeles, Calif., as a central application for the monitoring and controlling of opportunities—from lead to close, the distributor had found that opportunities were languishing because the sales team was spending so much time serving existing clients that they were unable to focus on opportunities in a timely way.

“Before Pipeliner,” recalls National Sales Manager Eric McDowell, “we didn’t have a single place where one person could watch over what’s happening throughout all the territories.” He adds that, “Everything was done manually, through correspondence in emails. It worked well for 19 years, but in order to manage our current rate of growth, I couldn’t see us going forward without a CRM like Pipeliner.”

Ease of customization was one of the biggest factors in the decision to go with Pipeliner CRM. Also, Pipeliner CRM aims to provide a work tool that becomes a way of life—one that salespeople adopt and trust. “With Pipeliner,”exclaims McDowell, “I found that I was getting excited about the possibilities, the flexibility and the ability to customize the various stages in the sales pipeline, and being able to make it our own without having to pay a lot of programming fees and what-have-you to truly create our own system.”

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