Virtek Vision Intl.,, San Francisco, Calif., has created the ultimate multifunction workstation. To add to it, the system is mobile and easily transferable.

The workstation enables users set up a Virtek laser projection system at any necessary location. The all-in-one solution serves as a workspace, adjustable projection mast, and storage space for aerospace, construction, or heavy equipment applications. It is easily accessible and even secures the desktop in place.

Workers can take full advantage of their often limited space with the product, making it useful and less time consuming. The station’s capability to project, store, and allow active work makes Virtek’s product highly integrated and innovative in the industry.
The Virtek Projection Workstation is also safe for frequent use. When a project is complete, the station can securely be moved out of the way. The process is quick if needed be but still safe and easy to execute.

The workstation extends from 4 ft. to 20 ft. tall and offers ample storage and work space. The mast of the unit is stabilized by drop-down legs, and the projector can be pointed to any location. It also includes a drop-down brake that is released by a foot pedal to help with further stabilization.

Virtek is one of the leaders in laser templating and quality inspection systems, and its new product is one that can offer construction a little differentiation. The workstation is ideal for Virtek’s customers and delivers to their needs, and with it workers can be the multitaskers that today’s society so calls for.

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