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Multivista understands the current needs of construction and has created tools that enable the industry to use photographic documentation with models during construction and facilities management.
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Since 2003 the construction industry has watched as Multivista has grown from its roots in residential construction to a global provider of visual construction documentation including photo, video, and Webcam services for both residential and large commercial construction projects.

Today Multivista operates in more than 60 major metropolitan areas across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The company has been awarded contracts to document more than a billion sq.ft. of construction projects across nearly every vertical market in the last five years alone.

The company’s products and services create interactive as-built records of actual construction conditions and events. All construction industry professionals are able to leverage the company’s technology to improve efficiency, enforce accountability, verify quality, and control project costs—before, during, and after construction.

In the past year, Multivista has continued its innovation for construction and facilities management with two big announcements for mobility and BIM (building information modeling). First, the company released a significant update to its mobile app with two new features for photo markup and pinning, which aims to improve collaboration at the jobsite.

The second big announcement is the BIM Integration Program, which combines the company’s photographic documentation with a facility’s 3D BIM model. This functionality is a big benefit for construction teams that are looking to use the technology as a reference tool both during construction and in the future for facilities management.

This company stands out as a leader when it comes to visual documentation. Now, with its foray into BIM, Multivisita has proven it is watching technology trends and is delivering what the industry needs. Keep an eye on this company in the year ahead. Builders and contractors are bound to hear more from this technology company in 2015 and beyond, as it continues to grow its business and deliver the technology and services that the industry needs.

Product Offerings:

  • Collaboration
  • Facilities Management
  • Mobile
  • Project Management


  • Focus on mobility for both construction and facilities management
  • New BIM Integration Program, combining photographic documentation with the model
  • Growing its business, with more than 60 major metropolitan areas globally


  • Continue to focus on BIM and the impact for facilities management
  • Build out partners to move product portfolio forward
  • Maintain current client base, while continuing to grow business globally

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