Good communication is often a hallmark of a successful construction project. Software tools can provide a way for builders to stay in constant contact with all the parties involved, easily transferring documents and information.

For example, MiTek Industries,, Chesterfield, Mo., recently announced a new offering called SAPPHIRE Build, a software suite designed for production homebuilders. This suite of tools includes business and workflow management options that aim to increase communication.

SAPPHIRE Build uses a framework from Kova Solutions, a company acquired by MiTek back in October 2013. The addition of Kova Solutions allowed MiTek to acquire a product line aimed at residential production builders. SAPPHIRE Build provides users with an end-to-end solution with tools for options management, workflow and operational management, and it allows collaboration with supply-chain partners.

SAPPHIRE Build is the result of the integration of MiTek Blackpoint software and Kova. The two are now joined together as a single platform, which offers a unified system for sales and marketing, product development, purchasing, production, land management, and customer service.

MiTek’s SAPPHIRE Suite allows users to share files with customers. This eases the process of designing and estimating, and it lets the builder work from a single 3D model. The solution also allows for the sharing of 3D files between the builder team and the customer.

Currently, MiTek says the SAPPHIRE Build software suite is being used by private and public U.S. production homebuilders, which is the market the company is targeting with the initial product rollout. Software solutions such as this one will enable builders to keep the lines of communication open.