With the advent of apps, the time-tracking space in construction has evolved. It is no longer the days of disconnected PDAs (personal digital assistants)—or worse pen and paper. Today, the typical contractor is familiar with a smartphone and the devices are easier to deploy companywide. With this transition, new providers are looking to enter the market and give contractors a fresh way to track time.

Consider ClockShark, www.clockshark.com, Albuquerque, N.M. This company is developing a new time-tracking app specifically for the construction industry. Targeting small-to-mid-sized commercial and residential contractors with roughly 10-50 employees, the cloud-based SaaS (software-as-a-service) technology will provide firms with time-tracking capabilities, a crew scheduler, and reporting capabilities for labor budget reports at the employee, jobsite, or cost code level that show time and GPS data.

ClockShark is currently in the alpha stage and plans to move into the private beta stage in early summer, and is giving construction companies the opportunity to sign up for the pre-launch list at http://get.clockshark.com. When the product launches in mid-summer, it will be available on both iOS and Android.

Cliff Mitchell, founder, ClockShark says the technology will save construction companies time and money on payroll, reduce compliance risks, and improve billing.

While ClockShark is a time-tracking app targeting the construction industry, there are a number of other time-tracking apps being launch—not all construction specific.

For example, just last week, TSheets, www.tsheets.com, Eagle, Idaho, launched the latest version of the TSheets Android app on Google Play, which includes crew functionality and opens up new opportunities for increased capabilities for crew-wide time management. This gives managers the ability to make service items and other job codes mandatory when clocking in a team, which will improve project estimating and billing for the entire company.

TSheets says the app is designed for construction, sales, and other industries that are ‘on the move.’ The technology also includes GPS tracking that clocks location.

While these are two examples, the use of apps for time tracking in construction is growing. Now that contractors have more options to collect time and attendance data from the jobsite, it is a matter of finding the right device and app for the job.