Today’s technology goes a long way toward helping construction teams collaborate efficiently on project drawings, giving them the power to view, markup, and share plans.

One of the latest releases updates the mobile app user interface, enables a full suite of tools for markups and annotations using any Web browser, adds continuous background synchronization for documents and markups, and automates a number of tasks in the plan publishing and distribution workflow.

To this end, BluVue,, Plano, Texas, recently released BluVue Plans 2.0 for iOS and Android, a construction document and plan management app first developed in 2012. BluVue Plans provides project teams access to current construction plan documents, eliminating the risk of building off of outdated drawings.

And the platforms are endless: BluVue Plans mobile apps and its companion cloud-based Web administration application work on iPads, iPhones, Android phones and tablets, and laptop or desktop computers. And all changes, annotations, or edits made to a downloaded sheet are automatically synchronized and updated when online connectivity is available. With this capability, BluVue can operate both offline and online, ensuring the most current plan sheets are always available to an entire project team, avoiding costly rework.

As field operations managers know, construction drawings constantly go through revisions, as markups and changes are frequent during a construction project. For this reason, it is essential project team members have immediate access to the most current set or version of project plans. While paper plans will always exist, the process of marking up, communicating, reprinting, and then redistributing paper project drawings is time consuming, costly, and frequently the cause of construction delays. BluVue reduces the risk of tear-outs and rework caused by the project team working from out-of-date plans.

Steven Priddy, president, Ed Bell Construction,, Dallas, Texas, says the company has used BluVue Plans for a few years, and his team would never return to the days before BluVue Plans on the jobsite.

Technology like BluVue has been developed with direct input from construction professionals, with an emphasis on field usability and a quick learning curve to productivity.

WIth a Web-based administration console for upload and management of project PDF files, BluVue Plans allows front-end organization, including keyword tagging and sheet naming, to facilitate sheet retrieval in the field. And BluVue Plans automatically provides document version tracking and even adds an unmistakable pattern to out-of-date plans to prevent use when an updated sheet exists. Job team members are able to annotate, mark up, and review drawings as needed and immediately distribute updated plan sets to the rest of the project team.

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