Has your construction company considered using drones? One component is being able to easily control the unmanned vehicles—and one company is looking to make this a little bit easier.

CTI Electronics, www.cti-electronics.com, Stratford, Conn., has unveiled a rugged, interoperable, pilot/operator control module: the uHMI-Pod.

The module features a safe technology design with standards- based interfaces, operating systems independence, and multi-platform adaptability. It’s also designed to offer high reliability under harsh environmental conditions and long-term durability.

The watertight sealing allows outdoor use in extreme temperatures and climates. The ergonomic design is in a non-corrosive, powder- coated aluminum enclosure with cushioned-closed foam for operator comfort.

Protective shielding against electromagnetic interference, as well as radio frequency signals, was also incorporated. The stainless steel crash bar protects the joystick and doubles as a carrying handle. Optionally, the crash bar is replaced by a cable bar protector and the enclosure secured to a surface using the two stainless steel threaded inserts on the bottom plate.

A key design feature of the uHMI-Pod is flexibility in functionality. The joystick functions as a motion controller, providing either absolute or relative positioning, with pin-point accuracy. Switch components can be reconfigured and/or reprogrammed to meet system level control requirements.

Plug-and-play mission capability allows fast connect/disconnect from a tethered, shielded, removable cable that provides assurance against communication interference, signal blockage, or disruption.

The ruggedness and durability in the field is designed for inspections of roadways, bridges, power lines, gas pipelines, smoke stacks, building construction, or land surveys, GIS (geographic information system) mapping, and agriculture analysis.

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