Technology is providing easier access to documents beneficial to contractors and architects.

The AIA (American Institute of Architects),, Washington, D.C., says there has been an addition of eight new documents to the AIA Contract Documents portfolio. Six of these new documents belong to the conventional (A201) family, while the remaining two documents belong to the CMc (construction manager as constructor) family and the program manager family.

Here are some examples of the latest documents:

The new AIA Master Agreements with Work Orders and Service Orders belong to AIA Contract Documents’ conventional family and are suitable for smaller projects, or when the architect or contractor will be performing a number of services on a number of projects during a period of time. The Master Agreement enables the parties to agree to a predefined set of terms and conditions that will apply to numerous scopes of work or services. To be able to add services under the Master Agreement, the parties will conduct a task order, either a service order or work order, which establishes, among other specific terms, the scope of services or work and the compensation. These documents will avoid the necessity for the parties to renegotiate their entire agreement when new services or work are added for the duration of the Master Agreement.

B133–2014, Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Architect, CMc Edition defines the architect’s services when a construction manager as constructor delivery model is used. This delivery model examines that a construction manager is brought on the project during design to give the architect and owner valuable input regarding constructability, cost estimating, materials and equipment, and construction scheduling.

C172–2014, Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Program Manager for use on a Single Project enables an owner to engage a program manager to serve as its advisor throughout design and construction of a project. Furthermore, the program manager supervises several aspects of the project on behalf of the owner, which includes the owner’s budget and schedule. The document is flexible for use on both small and large-scale projects since the document includes optional services which may be selected to customize the program manager’s scope. Specifically, users are able to select from a range of information management duties which the program manager may perform.

For interested builders, new documents are available in the latest version of the AIA Contract Documents desktop software and online via AIA Documents-on-Demand Plus and AIA Documents-on-Demand.

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