For the construction industry being able to track time provides big benefits for business. One company is now adding an employee time portal to its mobile time-tracking software.

mJobTime Corp.,, Beaumont, Texas,  has added an employee time portal to its mobile time-tracking software. The new feature allows employees to access the mJobTime Web Edition to review their hours worked.

Using a personal identification number to log in, employees can view, print, or email their hours for any week or two-week period, all without the need for a user license.

The employee time portal allows employees to view their hours worked from anywhere, at any time, using their personal smartphone or other Web-enabled device, according to Mike Soniat, director of technical services, mJobTime.

Soniat also says that having employees review their time prior to payroll being processed also gives assurance to the payroll department that the hours recorded are correct.

What’s more, any omissions or classification errors found can be brought to payroll’s attention before the checks are cut instead of afterward, Soniat says.

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