Getting bogged down in paperwork slows construction professionals’ productivity and prevents them from securing new business.

To prevent that dilemma, CMD,, Norcross, Ga., a provider of construction information in North America, plans to upgrade to its Forecast, Analyze, and Intelligent Leads products on the Insight Platform.

The new version includes more flexible data exports, enhanced filtering capabilities, and speed improvements for ease of use.

The Forecast product, which allows users to see a detailed view of construction activity, including historical data, current-year projections, and a five-year forecast, is now more flexible. A new standard export option allows users to export data to Microsoft Excel. By providing a file with a record for each data point, it’s now easier to analyze or import data into another system.

Analyze, designed to allow users to track their specification share among competitors, now has better functionality for exporting and filtering data. Enhanced export allows users to transfer comparative intelligence based on matching project and company results as well as export more records out of the system. Filtering upgrades allow users to filter and differentiate plans, specs, and addenda to further refine searches for exact information.

Leads, which provides users with information about commercial construction projects from inception to completion, includes speed improvements to the initial login page and project details page. Additional upgrades include the ability to send projects to other Insight users with a personal note and email notification and to receive more frequent updates throughout the day.

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