Emerald Associates, www.emerald-associates.com, Calgary, Alberta, has released PCM-Loader 3.0, an uploading tool the company says simplifies and streamlines PCM (Primavera Contract Management) user experience. An Oracle Platinum Partner, Emerald has developed add-ons, automations, integrations and “industry-driven behaviors and controls” for all Primavera tools from Oracle Corp., www.oracle.com, Redwood Shores, Calif.

PCM-Loader, according to Emerald, provides secure, Web-based access to extract, modify, update, and create PCM documents quickly using Microsoft Excel template forms, and promises to bring significant time savings to the extended project team by removing the lengthy data entry process associated with contract and cost control systems.

With this tool, explains Emerald, loading multi-year, multi-project budgets takes hours instead of weeks. “A client loaded a long-range 10-year-plan and realized they had missed the escalation factor,” relates Emerald Associates, CEO, Nicole Jardin. “They re-calculated all of the budgets in MS-Excel with a few formulas and reloaded all of the project budgets in minutes. Without the PCM-Loader, that would have taken weeks of manual input.”

PCM-Loader 3.0 adds more modules to the extensive list of available document types already handled in previous releases. Version 3.0 adds Requests for Information, non-compliance notices and site instructions to the existing modules for procurement, budgets, contracts and purchase orders, change proposals, change orders, trends, payment requisitions, issues, submittals, and cost codes.

“We still have a few modules we have not built, but with our foundation and expertise, if a client wants it, we can turn a new module around typically in a matter of days,” declares Paul Jardin, vice president of technology at Emerald Associates.

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